Content marketing agency- Editorial strategy and content creation

Content creation is a major challenge for many companies that lack the resources, time, or structure to create an impactful Inbound Marketing strategy.

At Marketing Kings LLC, we believe that Content Marketing is the cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy. A robust strategy, structured around your personas, adapted for your various channels and that will allow you to reach your different objectives: increase your notoriety, generate leads, improve your SEO.

A customized approach to boost your content creation

The best of Marketing Kings LLC to turn your content strategy into a growth driver

Marketing Kings LLC offers to be the extension of your marketing team by helping you define your content marketing strategy and produce high value-added content. Writing, illustration: our team will use its creative talents to help you boost your conversions, develop your brand awareness and improve your SEO. A dedicated content creation team is expensive, what about being able to rely on an external team throughout the year depending on your needs?

Choose Your Preferred Plan

Flexible Pricing Plans


$500 /Month

  • Content Marketing
  • 2.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 5 Free Optimization
  • 3 Press Releases


$1000 /Month

  • Content Marketing
  • 3.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 5 Press Releases


$2000 /Month

  • Content Marketing
  • 5.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 15 Free Optimization
  • 10 Press Releases

Cloud Hosting

$29.99 /Month